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Center for Biodiversity Informatics and Collection Data Integration


The BGBM's "Center for Biodiversity Informatics and Collection Data Integration" (ZBS) conducts collaborative research on national and international levels since the early 1990s. Today it comprises an interdisciplinary group of researchers from computer science, biology, bioinformatics, and engineering. Research areas include information modeling, metadata standardization, networking of primary biodiversity data, taxonomic computing and semantic integration of biodiversity data. A special focus is the integration of the BGBM's manifold collection data both internally and in the context of national and international interdisciplinary data infrastructures.

Important developments of the ZBS include the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy, the Biological Collection Access Service (BioCASE), and the DNA Bank Network. BDI is also responsible for all research information systems developed and hosted by the BGBM (Euro+Med Plant Base, Flora of Cyprus, Cichorieae and Campanula Portal, Caryophyllales Synthesis, etc.).