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Medicinal Plants

This the most recently renovated part of the Botanic Garden. Arranged in the shape of the human body you will find about 230 medicinal plants, along with their names and information on some chemical compounds and their pharmacological importance.


Situated between the System of Herbaceous Plants and the Useful Plants; size about 3000 m².
On display are about 230 species, which can be grown outdoors in the Berlin climate. The labels provide information on the plant parts used, their activity or application, the active substances, conservation aspects, and potential dangers or toxicity. The garden is surrounded by woody plants with medical applications with the beds inside laid out roughly in the form of a human body. Plants with similar applications are grouped together and, where possible, placed on the corresponding site of the human body. Plants with multiple applications are shown several times. Applications are from scientific medicine (with proven activity and harmlessness) or from traditional popular medicine. Map and information leaflet at the entrance of the area. For more imformation see the German version.
For further reading: Beurton, Ch., in „Der Palmengarten“ Bd. 62, Heft 2: 129-135 (1998) (in German); S. von Krüdener, I. Hagemann & B. Zepernick, Arzneipflanzen - altbekannt und neu entdeckt (in German); Garden Guide “The Berlin-Dahlem Botanic Garden“.

Text Ch. Beurton, photo I. Haas

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