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Please note: The permanent exhibition will be closed until approximately 2025 due to modernisation.Visit our "old" permanent exhibition here.


On your tour through the palaeontological and phytogeographical section you will find fossil and recent plant formations reconstructed in the form of miniature, artificial landscapes. Some exhibits show the origin of cultivated plants and bring examples of products derived from them, such as oils, spices, fibres and wood. The ephemeral world of fungi is captured by life-size models of mushrooms and toadstools. In the Egyptian section you can admire both relicts and reconstructions of flower garlands and other herbal decorations from the tombs of the Pharaos.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions are organized which focus on special topics related to botany.

Stammesgeschichte der Pflanzen Altägyptische Pflanzenfunde Morphologie und Anatomie
der höheren Pflanzen
Das Pflanzenreich - Algen Kultur- und Nutzpflanzen Filmvorführraum
Das Pflanzenreich - Moose, Farne Pilze Sonderausstellung
Das Pflanzenreich - Samenpflanzen Flechten zur Pilzberatungsstelle
Pflanzengeographie Geschichte der systematischen Botanik  
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