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Dr. Norbert Kilian

Forschungsgruppe Asterales
Leiter, Forschungsgruppe Asterales
Norbert Kilian
+49 30 838 50129
+49 30 838-4 50129
Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin
Freie Universität Berlin
Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8


Forschung zur Phylogenie und Evolution an Asterales, Leitung der Forschungsgruppe Asterales

Kuration Wissenschaftshistorische Sammlung


Born 1957; studies of biology, psychology and history in Heidelberg and Berlin; 1988 diploma in biology, Freie Universität Berlin, with a thesis on the Asteraceae tribe Cichorieae on the Cape Verde Islands, W Africa; 1996, doctorate, Freie Universität Berlin, with a dissertation on the taxonomy of Launaea Cass. (Asteraceae, Cichorieae, Sonchinae); Mar 1993–May 2013, head Library, Archives and Publications at the BGBM Berlin and editor of "Willdenowia"; since Jun 2013, head Research Group Asterales and interim head of Library and Archives at the BGBM Berlin.

Mandate in wissenschaftlichen Gremien und Komitees

Elected member (since 2011) of the Nomenclatural Committee for Vascular Plants (established under the auspices of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy, IAPT)

Mitgliedschaft in wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaften

International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT)
Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik (GfBS)

Papers in peer reviewed journals (published and in press)

  • Silakadze N., Mosulishvili M., Borsch T. & Kilian N. 2024: The polyphyletic Caucasus-centred Campanula subg. Scapiflorae (Campanulaceae) revisited with a newly circumscribed C. sect. Tridentatae for its core clade. – PhytoKeys 243: 149–184.
  • Escobari B., Borsch T. & Kilian N. 2023: Generic concepts and species diversity within the Gynoxyoid clade (Senecioneae, Compositae). – PhytoKeys 234: 61–106.
  • Zhang J.-W., Kilian N., Huang J.-H. & Sun H. 2023: Ixeridium sagittarioides (Asteraceae-Cichorieae) revisited: range extension and molecular evidence for its systematic position in the Lactuca alliance. – PhytoKeys 230: 115-130.
  • Hatami E., Jones K. E. & Kilian N. 2022: New insights into the relationships within subtribe Scorzonerinae (Cichorieae, Asteraceae) using hybrid capture phylogenomics (Hyb-Seq). – Frontiers Pl. Sci. 13(851716): 1-29.
  • Güzel M., Kilian N., Sennikov A., Coşkunçelebi K., Makbul S., Gültepe M. 2022: Caucasoseris, a new genus of subtribe Chondrillinae (Asteraceae: Cichorieae) for the enigmatic Prenanthes abietina. – Willdenowia 52: 103-115.
  • Kohlbecker A., Güntsch A., Kilian N., Kusber W.-H., Luther K., Müller A., Raab-Straube E. von & Berendsohn W. 2021: A pragmatic approach to concept-based annotation of scientific names in biodiversity and environmental research data. – Lecture Notes Informatics, Proceedings 314: 539-546.
  • Yin Z.-J., Wang Z.-H., Kilian N., Liu Y., Peng H. & Zhao M.X. 2021: Mojiangia oreophila (Crepidinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae), a new species and genus from Mojiang County, SW Yunnan, China, and putative successor of the maternal Faberia ancestor. – Pl. Diversity https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pld.2021.06.007
  • Baldesi G. & Kilian N. 2021: A new gypsicolous species of Launaea (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) from north Somalia. – Phytotaxa 501: 195-200(Link ist extern).
  • Kilian N. & Al-Fatimi M. 2021: The identity of a succulent Euphorbia shrub in southern Yemen with spirally twisted branches. – Euphorbia World 17: 5-12.
  • Güzel M. E., Coşkunçelebi K., Kilian N., Makbul S. & Gültepe M. 2021: Phylogeny and systematics of the Lactucinae (Asteraceae) focusing on their SW Asian centre of diversity. – Pl. Syst. Evol. 307, 7: 1-14.
  • Wang Z.-H., Kilian N., Chen Y.-P. & Peng H. 2020: Sinoseris (Crepidinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae), a new genus of three species endemic to China, one of them new to science. – Willdenowia 50: 91–110.
  • Zaika M. A., Kilian N., Jones K., Krinitsina A. A., Nilova M. V., Speranskaya A. S. & Sukhorukov A. P. 2020: Scorzonera sensu lato (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) – taxonomic reassessment in the light of new molecular phylogenetic and carpological analyses. – PhytoKeys 137: 1-85.
  • Silakadze N., Kilian N., Korotkova N., Mosulishvili M. & Borsch T. 2019: Multiple evolutionary origins of high mountain bellflowers with solitary flowers and calyx scales render a core Caucasian clade of the Scapiflorae group (Campanulaceae). – Syst. Biodiv.  https://doi.org/10.1080/14772000.2019.1679273
  • Jones K. E., Fér T., Schmickl R. E., Dikow R. B., Funk V. A., Herrando‐Moraira S., Johnston P. R., Kilian N., Siniscalchi C. M., Susanna A., Slovák M., Thapa R., Watson L. E. & Mandel J. R. 2019: An empirical assessment of a single family‐wide hybrid capture locus set at multiple evolutionary timescales in Asteraceae. – Appl. Pl. Sci.  https://doi.org/10.1002/aps3.11295
  • Lack H. W., Rabe K. & Kilian N. 2019: The Reuss herbarium [De herbario berolinensi notulae No. 56]. – Willdenowia 49: 197–208.
  • Jones K. E., Schilling E. E., Dias E. F. & Kilian N. 2018: Northern Hemisphere disjunctions in Lactuca (Cichorieae, Asteraceae): independent Eurasia to North America migrations and allopolyploidization. – Willdenowia 48: 259–284.
  • Yin Z.-J., Kilian N., Li B.-Z., Sun H.-Y., Zhao M.-X. & Wang Z.-H. 2018: A new species of Melanoseris (Lactucinae, Cichorieae, Asteraceae) from SW Xizang, China, based on morphological and molecular data. – Phytotaxa 357: 189–197.
  • Henning T., Plitzner P., Güntsch A., Berendsohn W. G., Müller A. & Kilian N. 2018: Building compatible and dynamic character matrices – Current and future use of specimen-based character data. – Bot. Lett. https://doi.org/10.1080/23818107.2018.1452791
  • Güzel M. E., Kilian N., Gültepe M., Kandemır A. & Coşcunçuncelebı K. 2018: Contributions to the taxonomy of Lactuca (Asteraceae) in Turkey. – Turk. J. Bot. 42: 197–207.
  • Dias E. F., Kilian N., Silva L., Schaefer H., Carine M., Rudall P. J., Santos-Guerra A., Moura M. 2018: Phylogeography of the Macaronesian lettuce species Lactuca watsoniana and L. palmensis (Asteraceae). – Biochem. Genet. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10528-018-9847-8
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  • Kilian N., Hand R., Hadjikyriakou G. N., Christodoulou C. S. & Bou Dagher-Kharrat M. 2017: Astartoseris (Cichorieae, Asteraceae), a new, systematically isolated monospecific genus accommodating Lactuca triquetra endemic to Lebanon and Cyprus. — Willdenowia 47: 115–125.
  • Kilian N., Sennikov A., Wang Z.-H., Gemeinholzer B. & Zhang J.-W. 2017: Sub-Paratethyan origin and Middle to Late Miocene principal diversification of the Lactucinae (Cichorieae, Compositae) inferred from molecular phylogenetics, divergence-dating and biogeographic analysis. – Taxon 66: 675-703.
  • Mandel J. R, Barker M. S., Bayer R. J., Dikow R. B, Gao T., Jones K. E., Keeley S., Kilian N., Ma H., Siniscalchi C. M., Susanna A., Thapa R., Watson L.  & Funk V. A. 2017: The Compositae Tree of Life in the age of phylogenomics. – J. Syst. Evol. DOI: 10.1111/jse.12265. Full text
  • Doostmohammadi M. & Kilian N. 2017: Lactuca pumila (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) revisited—additional evidence for a phytogeographical link between SE Zagros and Hindu Kush. – Phytotaxa 307: 133–140.
  • Kilian N., Galbany-Casals M., Sommerer R., Oberprieler C., Smissen R., Miller A. & Rabe K. 2017: Systematics of Libinhania, a new endemic genus of Gnaphalieae (Asteraceae) from the Socotra archipelago (Yemen), inferred from plastid, low-copy nuclear and nuclear ribosomal DNA loci. – Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 183: 373-412.
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Book chapters and monographs (published and in press)

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